Yealink & Yeastar: Another Windows Phone System and Handset Maker to Join?

The above left graphic was sighted prominently displayed on the Yeastar website. Are Yealink & Yeastar preparing some partnership to create a integrated PBX solution?

It seems to be somewhat of a developing trend among SIP handset vendors? Grandstream added a hardware PBX to its lineup of SIP phones and gateways to have a complete system offering. Now snom has added snom ONE to their line up. Will Yealink join up with Yeastar?

A quick look at the contact page of Yeastar and Yealink shows that they are located on the same street address 

Yeastar not only has a Windows based BizPBX product, it also has a small appliance version of it's BizPBX. It also has a line of FXO Gateways, FXS Gateways, GSM Gateway, Fax gateway and Skype Gateway. (did I miss anything? ;-) Yealink and Yeastar combined sure would make a formidable product line up from a feature list standpoint.  

I have not tested the Yeastar BizPBX but they have an interesting list of features. It doesn't appear there is an official support forum and I don't see much buzz about it. Is there anyone out there who has tested it or is using it?

I have no inside information about Yealink/Yeastar, but Yealink handsets showing up on the homepage of Yeastar makes one wonder... If you have any more information you are welcome to post a comment below.

ps- Wow! Check out the features of the Yeastar client: Instant Message, SMS (to mobile phones), faxing, call recording, email client and desktop sharing. Hmm.

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  1. We currently sale and service the Yeastar IP-PBX and really like this system. I'm surprised that not more VAR's know about the affordable and robust system. There is NO licensing needed unless you want call recording or call accounting for hospitality use. Works great with multiple platforms of SIP phones and has all the features that the "brand name" PBX's have.


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