3CX Replaces 3CX Assistant in Version 10 With New Silverlight MyPhone Portal (and more)

Looks like 3CX is retiring the 3CX Assistant application along with the old 3CX Myphone portal in favor of newer Microsoft technology: a Microsoft Silverlight based client. This is a very smart move on 3CX's part as it starts addressing 2 serious pitfuls in its coming struggle to survive in the face of the very real Microsoft Lync threat: Embrace features that can survive in hosted mode (Silverlight Myphone portal could theoretitcally work beautiful in hosted mode) and support more desktop operating systems. (Silverlight apps are cross platform compatible & will run on Mac as well as Linux? Windows Phone7 eventually? etc.)

With Windows communication vendors like snom ONE providing very stable phone system with a mature feature set for extremely agressive pricing (10 extension/ no limits/ free!) and Microsoft continuing to bring Lync 2010 downstream (run on 1GB!) the Windows PBX market continues to be extremely in exciting times!
Checkout the 3CX Blog Update Here:

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