Patton Releases PSTN Gateway OCS/Lync Configuration Guide

A little while ago a Patton spokesperson indicated to me that they were working on Microsoft OCS/Lync interoperability. I just noticed Patton posted a configuration guide for Lync as a PDF. And while this page says "Patton Certified IP-PBX Vendors" boldly across the top of the page, I don't think this translates into "Lync Certified". ;-) (Lync certified gateways)

While Patton seems to be a favorite PSTN gateway for some Windows-based PBX VARs, other vendors such as Audiocodes , Dialogic and  (perhaps?) Sangoma seem to have taken a more prominent place in the Microsoft Lync field soo far. But perhaps Patton is planning to change some things?

We'll see.

Patton Gateway Configuration Guide for Lync & OCS:


  1. Hi Matt.

    Actually, Patton SmartNode has been Microsoft certified for interop with OCS. The Unified Communications Open Interoperability Program – Office Communications Server lists the SmartNode 4600 Series Gateways, R5.6 and newer.

    Glen Flowers lists

  2. Sure thing, Matt. There is also press release in the works about the mutual certification. . .


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