#Lync Mobile for #WindowsPhone Gets Update 4.1.7947.0: How to Get It and What’s Updated

Looks like Windows Phone Lync Mobile client got an update. The good news is it appears like the Lync Mobile updates will be more frequent than I expected. The less great news is that this Windows Phone update doesn’t seem to add features…just tweaks.

To get the Lync Mobile update you may need to search for the Lync Mobile app and click update. For some reason some users at our office got prompted to update while others of us had to push it a little. Since I didn’t get a notice of the update I was glad for @tommyclarkes twiiter update about it! Thanks.

What changed?

Well, the version: we’ve gone from 4.0.7878.0 to 4.1.7947.0. Winking smile

new lync mobile for win phone

Also BibbleIT blog notes that there was a minor UI tweak in that the signin address is now an email field and some minor language tweaks.

The take away is that it appears that the Lync Mobile clients may updated with regularity. Perhaps along the lines of around CU updates? (since both Android and WindowsPhone have been update around CU5, this might be deduced)

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