snom 370 UC Edition Becomes Lync Qualified: First Attendant Console Lync Device



Some interesting features snom 370 brings to the Microsoft Lync eco system:

  • 12 freely programmable buttons (typically 2 or so are used for “Lines”/”Calls”)
  • Greyscale, tilt able display
    • (I’ve heard some complaints about Lync Phone Edition tilt angles)
  • Attendant console functionality using Expansion Module available so your receptionist can have up to 138 buttons.
    • The math above is that there are 12 buttons built in the phone plus 3 Expansion Modules with 42 buttons on each.

Some features that all snom UC Edition devices bring to Lync:

  • Ability to set your presence from the desk phone device
  • Physical buttons & lights that display other Lync user’s presence Click Here

Below is a snom 370 with 3 Expansion Modules:

Note: The snom 370 does NOT integrate via USB to the Microsoft Lync 2010 Attendant client. The presumption is that you are selecting a desk phone attendant scenario if using this phone.

snom 370 Specs:

UPDATE 3/22/2012 : The snom 370 is now on the Lync Official IP Deskphone page:

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