Plantronics Calisto 620 M Review: Portable Bluetooth Speaker Phone Device For PC and Mobile

Another interesting device has been added to the Microsoft Lync Qualified Devices list: The Plantronics Calisto 620M bluetooth speakerphone. This device will work in an office environment where you want the speakerphone to be where a cable won’t reach nicely or especially as a part of your portable equipment suite.

Here is the video review:

This device comes in a Microsoft edition and an edition for everyone else: Plantronics Calisto 620M and Plantronics Calisto 620.


Below is what comes with the Calisto 620: Manuals, Cover, Wall outlet charging cord and the Calisto 620 and bluetooth dongle.


Below is the Calisto 620 with all the buttons lit during startup.


For portable scenarios, the Bluetooth dongle stows nicely on the bottom of the unit. As in common in many newer devices, the battery seems to be not readily removed/replaced.


During normal powered on state, the 620 will have no LED’s lit. Just press any button to see if the unit is powered on.


The 620 with the Bluetooth dongle plugged into laptop.


The 620 will have the Charging LED’s light when plugged in. There is no battery charge level indication on the device. (as a matter of fact the Plantronics Spokes tray software didn’t show the level either from my tests)


I was surprised that the tray software  (Plantronics Spokes software) did not show battery level (but perhaps I’m missing something?) Where I expect the battery level is just said---BATTERY LEVEL! Winking smile


The icon changes when the device is charging…


The device is VERY easy to setup, just slide the power switch to the middle position, plug the USB dongle into your PC and all drivers for Lync will load automatically. (No Plantronics Spokes needed to interact with Lync. Plantronics Spokes merely adds more settings change ability, the above tray app and firmware update ability)


The Plantronics Spokes software is not needed for basic Lync usage but does add the above tray app, ability to change more settings and do firmware updates if available. The spokes software is something you will need to manually download and install. (Since the download was less that 1MB I was expecting a quick install…but it was not as quick as I expected.)


How big is the device?


How does it compare to the Jabra Speak 410 USB speaker phone in size?


Since the Calisto 620 is Bluetooth it can connect to your PC and Mobile phone at the same time---very nice!


My wrap up thoughts on the Plantronics Calisto 620

  • A very nice, portable, Bluetooth speaker device to come to the Lync eco-system (and beyond)
  • Ability to be connected to PC and mobile device at the same time is a benefit over a USB device.
  • In my informal tests the audio quality seemed better on a USB connected device vs. this Bluetooth device—(could be explained by wireless nature of Bluetooth?)
  • My thought is a battery level indicator at a glance might be good addition
  • The tone & volume of the volume change indicator is a bit loud and long for my tastes, but that is a small and personal opinion
  • The device can be charged via wall power or USB: wall charges unit in 1.5hr and USB takes 2.5 hr
  • I thought perhaps you could use the device as a USB device when plugged into PC via USB, but that is not the case (and not important, just a curiosity issue)
  • This device will cost around $149


Read more about the Calistro 620 on Plantronics site:

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