snom Leaves IP PBX Market, Sells snom ONE IP PBX to Vodia Network Inc.

vodia ip pbx

snom’s short foray into the software IP PBX market is coming to an end: the snom ONE IP PBX will be sold to Vodia Network Inc., according to snom COO, Michael Knieling. snom notes that they want to focus on end points and partnering with IP PBX and unified communication vendors as a strategy of growth moving forward.

What are some interesting things about snom ONE /Vodia IP PBX?

  • Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Integrates to Office365 and Lync in Version 5
  • Very stable and secure software based PBX
  • Can act as a lab PSTN Gateway for Microsoft Lync: Click Here for Guide

What does this mean for snom ONE IP PBX Partners?

  • snom will no longer subsidize snom ONE 10 user free edition
  • Which, according to this link, pricing/feature bundles will change
  • Appears like AutoAttendants/HuntsGroups/Conference Room/ACDs/Paging Groups limited 1 or 2 each in editions under 40 users.
  • The free edition is limited to 2 concurrent calls which might be a problem for those using the IP PBX as a Lync Gateway for testing purposes.

What is ahead feature wise for Vodia Network Inc. IP PBX Version 5?

  • Vodia Notes 3rd Party IP phone PnP will be supported (source: click here)
  • Fax Receiving will be a feature of paid editions
  • Microsoft Lync/Office365 Presence integration (+$995USD a la carte, included with 80 user edition)
  • Enhanced fraud detection, according to Vodia

Questions that remain:

  • Currently snom ONE IP PBX is sold with a printed manual as a box via D&H and other Distributors, how will this change?
  • In the past pbxnsip/snom was not very efficient/timely in selling key codes, will this be corrected?
  • Will Vodia provide provide consistant/timely Live Phone Support option for system down issues?
  • Will Vodia provide clear communication about upgrade/maintenance/support costs?

To see snom Announcement:
snom ONE/Vodia IP PBX? Version 5 Details:


  1. Can't beleive how unsettled they are, din't they just move this product from PBXnSip to Snom?

  2. I'm really disappointed. I had been researching this solution for the past month or so - and was planning on implementing it (possibly with some help from Landis Computers!) in December - with Snom Phones. The Lync piece (via Office 365) was super intriguing to me.

    Now I'm not sure what I'll do.

    Thanks for this blog - what a gift to the community.


  3. Interesting news - thanks for posting. If interested, Bicom Systems offers a VoIP PBX:

  4. I think this is a full package of VOIP and PBX system. These are very beneficial for both small and large business, Also Effective effects on my business now I'm using inlinecom plans.

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  5. If you're looking a for a reliable PBX check out vodia mini. A Rock solid PBX in the palm of your hand

  6. If they are serious shouldn’t they attempt a more integrated look? (not that Avaya is anymore guilty of this than all the other similar devices)mypbx


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