#Android & #iOS Lync Client Xavy Gets Update That Makes It Functional, Holiday Price Drop to $.99

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Xavy (aka Xync) has a beleaguered history: The first Android/iOS VoIP client on the market but unfortunately the product was pre-Beta quality when released. Now in a bittersweet turn, the product seems to be nearing a market ready state just as Microsoft themselves is close to releasing mobile VoIP clients, not only for Android and iOS but also for Windows Phone.

Here are my quick findings after purchasing Xavy (for the 3rd time? ;-P) My tests are done on a Android Xavy Version 6.28.050717.4.1 on a Samsung Galaxy III.

Good Changes:

  • Xavy now on Holiday sale for $.99
  • I can now make PSTN and video calls without Xavy crashing

Bad Changes:

  • Now you need to register the app, using your corporate email AND Lync ID before you can use it. (this really doesn’t sit well with me—seems very invasive and clunky to boot)

Issues Remain

  • UI remains not very  finessed
    • UI the same on all platforms
    • odd looking icons, not a great deal of attention to UI design
  • dialing pad gives a tone "echo" on each digit press
  • presence in contact list does not update timely (ever?)
  • Trying to listen to a voicemail seemed to get stuck on “Fetching…”
  • Photos in contact list do not update/very hit miss
  • video on side (90 degrees) for remote party
  • very slow presence update on 3G (perhaps 3G?)
  • App crashed out several times during testing (my device?)
  • When switching to WIFI Xavy would not seem to login (perhaps my device?)

My advice: before rolling this client out I would definitely put it through thorough testing.

Xavy also has an edition, Xavy Attendee, that allows non-authenticated mobile users to attend Lync meetings much like the Lync Attendee client.

Finally, a product that seems it could have had promise. Unfortunately Xavy has likely worn out most users’ patience and wallets by the time it becomes useable. With Microsoft releasing a VoIP Lync mobile client and Lync MVP Thomas Poet noting Microsoft’s set to release Lync Mobile Wave 2 (VoIP) sometime in first part of 2013, we suspect most will wait.



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