Polycom VVX500/600 #Lync Qualified IP Phone Supports Direct USB Headset Integration


Just saw a twitter post by fellow Lync MVP Adam Jacobs that the Polycom VVX500 Lync Qualified device supports USB headsets! I tried it with a Plantronics Blackwire S720 and I am quite impressed!

Shortly after you plug in the USB headset a small messaage will appear on the VVX screen letting you know a “digital headset connected”. Not only does the headset audio work, the mute, pickup/hangup and  “wearing sensor” works and will answer via this sensor.

Below is a quick demo:

After seeing this I thought maybe I’ve been missing the fact that Lync Phone Edition also does this since various LPE devices DO have an extra USB port: but a quick test on a Polycom CX600 proved that I was not missing anything. Smile with tongue out

And, while I was at it I tested the newly Lync Qualified snom 760. While the 760 supports Bluetooth headsets via a separately purchased dongle it does not seem to support a USB headset. I have a question in at snom whether this will be supported.

What USB Headsets are supported by VVX500?

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