Lync Phone Edition “Bridge” Series Concept Design: Does The World Need Such a Device?

NOTE: This is totally my own brainstorm and creative (or not so creative) work and Microsoft has NEVER hinted they would produce such a device. This is just a mock up representation of a device I think would fill a need in some market sectors.

A while back I’ve “photo-shopped” this “wish list” device. Since I reference it in various discussions I thought I would post it for your consideration (and if you hate it, humor).

The codename/series name “Bridge” was selected because this device assists “the powerful few” in an org who are very set on having a “PBX desk phone experience” in “Bridging” to UC experience. ;-)

crazy idea for lpe

A couple things about this design:

  • dedicated hold and transfer, pickup and hangup buttons
  • The screen on the right is populated by Lync Contact Photo and details
  • The contact buttons would mirror Lync presence colors
  • Buttons could be contacts, Phone numbers, Overhead paging Units etc.
  • The buttons could be assigned by end user on the phone or by putting a contact in a Lync Group called “Phone Buttons”
  • Support for USB/Bluetooth devices directly (similar to polycom VVX/snom 7xx support)

Currently the closest thing to this concept is the Lync Qualified snom 720 and 760. For more information click here.

What do you think, would you have use for such a device? Please vote on the poll to the right to give your feedback.

Okay so much for creative (or not so creative, depending on your view) Have a great day!



  1. Interesting, I wonder why MS is not on the market with their own phones. May be they decided its not profitable or they are not just ready to invest in production.

    I checked your design and have some comments. I'd improve or change:
    1) You have HP logo and device name
    2) Dedicated Answer/HangUp buttons are not required, it is essential when you pickup handset or push speakerphone button.
    3) I'd make screen size bigger. Bigger always better for user.
    4) I'd make digit buttons a little bit bigger.
    5) transfer speakerphone buttons also too small

    I like presence/fast buttons conception!

  2. Love the concept. Instead of pictures I would prefer "e-ink" labels instead. Avoids those meaningless grayed out images when people won't display their pictures!

    Why have a wired handset? Some traditional PBX vendors are now offering bluetooth wire-free handsets. While on the subject offer bluetooth pairing with a headset.

    Was there a dedicated Hold button? Call Park?- or is that too old school? ;-)

    1. @Tim, the park/hold button and usb/bluetooth suggestion is great.

      e-ink nice idea but i guess contact of lcd more important than what type lcd in my mind. color lcd would allow buttons to be non-colored...but yeah, pros/cons there.

      thanks for contribution.


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