[NEWS] snom 760 and 720 Now Support Select USB Headsets



It appears that the the days of the “headset lifter” are finally starting to come to a close! (thankfully!) snom 760 and 720 now also support select USB headsets. (See our previous article/video on Polycom VVX500 supporting USB headsets)

We are using he snom 720 with the UC Edition firmware Using the supported Plantronics Voyager PRO UC Bluetooth device, we just plug the device into the USB port on the side of our snom 720 and it the device worked. (there is no onscreen indication the phone detected the headset, but it seems to work)


There were several issues we noticed with the integration:

  • it seems like pressing the button on the UC Voyager Pro does not hang-up a call if you did not answer a call using the button on the UC Voyager Pro (switched from desk phone handset to blue tooth headset mid-call)
  • using the Mute button on the 760 is not working correct sometimes it mutes, sometimes it puts the volume at half, sometime it goes Mute then immediately unmutes again, the mute led is not always on when muted. It looks like snom has some work here.

Currently Supported USB Headsets for snom 720/760

snom HS BT
Plantronics Blackwire C620
Plantronics Savi W430 (Dect D100)
Plantronics CS540a (plus APU-70)
Plantronics Voyager PRO UC BlueTooth

Note: I tested a Plantronics BlackWire 720 (a relatively new device) and it did not work with snom 720, so supported devices appears to be an important list.

snom wiki on supported headsets:

snom forum thread on USB headsets for snom 7xx:

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