Lync 2013 Mobile to Become Future IP Phone Firmware?


the above picture is an April fools day prank and the vendor is not snom.

I’ve wondered aloud (and joked aloud click here when IP phone vendors will just use the Lync 2013 Mobile client to bring Lync capable IP phone devices to the market quickly. It appears at least one vendor (as soon as I can release information I will) may be heading that direction.

The Pros:

  • Debugged Lync signalling/media stack out of the gate
  • Ability to bring full Lync functionality (video, meetings, presence, IM) to an IP phone hardware platform very quickly
  • The vendor can focus on hardware and sit back and let innovation happen at the functionality level

Some Cons:

  • Is Lync 2013 Mobile the experience a desk phone user wants?
  • How integrated will the hardware and OS be? (reasons people often buy IP phone is for 1 button access to features or 1 glance indication of system status)
  • Will hardware be too expensive if it can run Lync 2013 mobile?

At the minimum this is an interesting new development.

1 comment:

  1. The question is much more about when will there be a Lync2013 client for Windows Embedded Compact 7 or 2013 much like the Lync Room System client is for Windows 7 Embedded.
    I think it is unavoidable aka highly welcomed as why should MS not offer some ready baked platform for an IP Phone?


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