Skype for Business User QuickTip #32: Client Based Call Recording for All Calls for $18

I’ve previously written an article how to use the built in Skype for Business/Lync client call recording feature to achieve on demand PSTN call recording. This solution will record all conversations on a PC from the skype4b/lync user’s perspective. For this we will use the “Total Recorder” product, but there are likely a lot of other apps out there that can do the same thing.

Steps to Setup

#1 - Get the “Total Recorder Standard Edition” here: The link directly to the trial software is here: NOTE: the trial software works fully, but every minute it puts a burst of static in the recording.

#2 – Install and restart your PC. Now run “Total Recorder”


Click on Parameters” (above), then in the “Recording source and parameters” (below) select “Audio Recording source” = Software.


In “Advanced parameters for Software recording”

  • Check – “Record also input stream (Internet telephony only)
  • Check – “remove silence”
    • this will only record when there is a call going


Now you are ready to make calls and have them all recorded.


  • Records PSTN, Skype4B/Lync peer to peer calls and conference calls. (in other words all call types)
  • (With “Total Recorder”) It seems when you use a Skype4B/Lync audio device that is not the default audio device, the remote caller is not recorded in some cases.

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