My Skype for Business Notes Out of WPC 2016

I will be at WPC 2016 in person with the Landis Technologies Team (Landis Technologies & Attendant Pro Booth 542!) and will update this post with my notes & news.

Some of My Comments About WPC16 on Periscope: Video/Requires Chrome

Useless Trivia: Q. Who wrote the Microsoft Lync 2010 Attendant console (now out of mainstream support) software? A. In a meeting with one of our European Attendant Pro partners who has been supporting Skype for Business since LCS days noted that the original Microsoft Lync 2010 Attendant console was written by a company called AG. The Microsoft Lync 2010 Attendant does not work with Office 365.

We Got to Tryout the Microsoft Hololens: My Quick Thoughts [Video]


The Landis Technologies Attendant Pro Team on the Keynote Big Screen: Informative & Fun Keynotes


Day 2/Tuesday

I took a quick look at the Logitech c925e with Logitech's Scott Kushel
A couple differences from the c930.

  • 78 degrees lens (instead of 90)
  • Built in security cover
  • Approx. $30 lower cost than the c930
  • Not a Carl Zeiss lens

Day 1/Monday
-Zig Serafin Announces Skype for Business Operations Framework:

-Skype for Business Certified Apps Program Reopened

-What's New At Polycom Around Skype4B
Jeff Schertz, Peter Huboui & I talk about Polycom's refreshed #Skype4B UI on VVX & what's new at Polycom

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  1. Matt, awesome you are posting these.
    Excited about the new polycom UI, did polycom mention when or if it 5.5.0 is going to be certified by MS. So far from what I have seen it is for open sip and is considered beta??
    Thanks again!


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