What Exactly Is “Free Skype Meetings”?


Microsoft just introduced “Free Skype Meetings” but what exactly is it?

If you were thinking quick, adhoc meetings with any email address you might need to change some expectations. You do need what Microsoft calls a “business email address” AND you cannot already have an Office365 account previously associated with this email address.

So the prerequisites:

  • No Office 365 currently (only those organizations who don’t already have Ofice 365 can use “Free Skype Meetings”)
  • A “business email address” to sign up

From my quick review this seems to be what is included & how it works:

  • Skype for Business limited meeting capability
    • PowerPoint & Screen Sharing
    • real-time audio & video conferencing (here)
    • Personalized URL to join from any device
    • 3 participants
  • Requires Enterprise email address (Live/Outlook/Gmail address does not work)
  • Requires Office 365 account
  • 3 user/participant meetings (for 1st 90 days 10 participants)

To start one get your O365 account and browse to


If you  are trying to use an  exisitng Office 365 account, you will get this…


So if your organization is new to Office365, you can get some limited Skype for Business Meeting functionality as a teaser. Enjoy Skype (for Business…limited) Meetings!

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