Microsoft Teams User Tip #4: Chat from Microsoft Teams to a Skype for Business Contact


Click on the Chat “AppBar” button to do a 1 to 1 chat. Search for a contact that is not yet a Microsoft Teams user. (Note: This is important, because once the user is a Teams user, Microsoft Teams will no longer even try to communicate using Skype foir Business)

The way you know you have selected a Skype for Business contact is that there will be a Skype for Business icon on that Chat as shown below.


Now just type a message and press [ENTER].


NOTE: On my tenant the message doesn’t seem to successfully send. (Teams fails to send after trying for a bit)  I suspect there is some Preview related bug. (as shown below)



  • One to One Instant Message conversations only
  • No video/audio option
  • No Meme’s or Emoticons (just simple IM capability)

To read more on how Teams and Skype for Business can interact, please read:

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