Microsoft Teams User Tip #7: Working on Multiple Conversation Edits Simultaneously


What happens if you are working on multiple replies at the same time in Microsoft Teams?

In the example shown above I have started replies to multiple threads and started a new conversation and haven’t hit enter yet. The question could be, how persistent are these unfinished edits?

From my testing:

  • The edits persist between moves between teams
  • The edits persist even if you exit the Microsoft Teams app and start it again
  • The edits do not persist if you move to another PC and sign in with the same user.

The ability to work on various responses is nice and makes sense if you think about Skype for Business conversation tabs. Nicely it adds functionality on top of the Skype for Business instant message paradigm in that you can have multiple threaded replies to the same contact/team member.

Enjoy Microsoft Teams!

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