VIDEO REVIEW: Using Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie with the Klein Valor Speaker Microphone

For some front line workers a walkie talkie is a necessity and having a physical mic can make using the Teams Walkie Talkie even more efficient and useful.  Below is my video review of the Klein Valor Speaker Microphone for Microsoft Teams.

Klein Valor Speaker Microphone for MS Teams


  • Makes using Teams Walkie Talkie very convenient, even if Teams app doesn't have the focus or the phone screen is powered off
  • Very rugged
  • Configuration is absolutely no fuss: just plug it into the Android audio/mic jack.
  • Microsoft Recommended. See:


  • There is a bit of "talk permit tone" feedback (Teams on Android does this as well, but not as pronounced
  • No physical volume knob/buttons on device
  • no battery charge level indicator
  • battery seems to drain even without use
  • A charging cradle might be nice

$136 USD

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