Application Perfectly Merges Deskphone and Computer: Flexor Onscreen

I don’t have a lot of time to write a lengthly article but here is the short version. What is unique about this tool is that whether you initiate a call from the deskphone or PC, the experience is the same.

Most pbx's (3cx, pbxnsip, others) do not provide a smooth way to show presence across several pbx servers. This solution solves that problem while adding other features as well.

Some of the features:

Excellent Dynamics CRM, MS Outlook & Salesforce Call Pop Integration

Multi-location presence without a server

Simple Instant Message between multiple locations

Drag and drop call transfer

Click to dial from website using SIP: embedding

This is the most natural integration of deskphone and PC I’ve ever seen to date at an affordable price without a lot of infrastructure. Approximate cost is $85 per pc.

Note: we are using snom deskphones which may have better integration than some other sip deskphones.

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