Survey Results: Are Mobile Phone SIP Clients Ready for Primetime?

The results are in for the survey: Are Mobile Phone SIP Clients Ready for Primetime? It appears that overwelmingly respondents don't think that we should be trying to do voice over mobile device right now if we want a good connection.

This corresponds with my personal experience trying to make voice over 3G work. My experience is delays in the audio that are high enough to make conversation difficult at best. At other times the audio was dropped entirely. (ATT) We are located in a rural area so I'm sure in NYC this would be better. Input from others is that when you switch cell phone towers calls are dropped.

I don't think Ageet and other mobile SIP vendors want you to hear this. And I presume that 3G will continue to improve.

Having said all that a majority of respondents DO think a mobile client that provides presence and IM would be a workable solution. What vendors make such a client? Microsoft Mobile Office Communicator, Fring, and pbxnsip PAC solutions do this.

Once again everyone, Thanks for you input!

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