pbxnsip Brings Feature Rich Voice Mail to Windows Phone System World

pbxnsip is a very full featured IP phone system. The voicemail is no different. While many Windows phone systems have focused less on voicemail, letting businesses with lack luster vm features, pbxnsip has given quite a bit of attention to detail here. And considering professor Clifford Nass and others have duly noted that humans are "wired for speech" its surprising this area gets passed over. Here are a couple of often requested features:

-forward a voicemail to a colleague
-create a voice message for one or a group of phones
-have multiple greetings and easily select the one you want
-you can even control your phone system from the voicemail main menu (using star keys)
-get, delete and manage your voicemail from user web portal
-users can listen to their conversation recordings from voicemail or their own user portal

pbxnsip is very feature rich and is an excellent Windows phone system that can replace traditional key systems. Pbxnsip is an excellent bridge to the future: get PC based attendant console, iPhone phone system client, integrated Instant Messaging, ability to integrate to Office Communication Server (aka Microsoft Communication Server), Exchange UM, Outlook and more.

Download the PDF version here:

pbxnsip Mailbox PDF Guide:

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