Windows Phone Systems and Mac: Making Them Co-Exist Peacefully

I have a huge confession and I'm just going to break the news and get it over with: I got a MacBook.

I just returned from Microsoft Convergence and had numerous people that saw me using my Macbook ask me: They let you in with that thing?! I'm telling everyone it is a research project--which it is. I wanted to get the Mac purchasing experience. (quite good) I wanted to see how hot this Mac stuff is. (answer=kind cool) What runs on it? (answer=lot of stuff) Do they crash? (answer=yes) Will they take over the world? (answer=no).

But what about Mac working with Windows based phone systems like 3CX, pbxnsip and Netvanta? Actually the story is pretty good. We'll look at several points:

  • dial pad SIP phone for Mac
  • contact list SIP client for Mac
  • OCS and MSN client for Mac
  • Attendent Console for Mac
  • and...gasp...Phone System for Mac!

The first thing we need is a good SIP client or SIP phone. The industry standard X-lite works like a charm (like it always does). It provides a great traditional phone form factor softphone that does voice, video, presence and SMS instant message.

Another MAC SIP client that is more of a contact centric (communicator-esque) layout is a less know product called Blink. This is an incredibly well done product that you can NOT overlook. Attention to detail is incredible on this product. It also has very good multi-party voice conference which is the best I've seen anywhere. It also has screen sharing, file sharing, SMS and session Instant Messaging. The URL to this product you must see:

What about Microsoft Office Communication Server (aka Microsoft Communication Server) and Mac? Don't worry, you are covered and, incredibly, Microsoft Messenger for Mac even has some features not found on Windows!! Astoundingly, if not maddeningly, Microsoft Messenger not only works with OCS but also works with as a Live Messenger the same time...effectively making federation to MSN much less important.

Boy, does everything just work on Mac?! SURELY there won't be an Attendant Console that works on Mac? Well, kinda. The Windows based pbxnsip IP PBX has an Attendant Console that is entirely a web page so it works on Mac Safari browser just as good as IE. Ahem. Drag and drop, click to dial, join a conference, see who is in a conference, see, listen, delete voicemail, set receptionist phone to Unavailable, and user presence. Wow.

Okay, now I need to pause and see if I can bring myself to say this next item. May I talk about a Mac based IP PBX on a Windows PBX blog? ;-) Okay here it goes: there is even a IP PBX that runs on Mac. pbxnsip is a cross platform Phone system that runs on Windows, Linux, PlugComputer, and, yes, even a Mac. I'm not a Mac guru but if you want a very good pbx that runs on Mac--pbxnsip da man. Here is the link: You can also click on pbxnsip on the categories of my blog.

Is there anything a Mac won't do? (yes, log into MS Small Business Server Remote Web Workplace, run MS Onenote...and more... )

3cx and Mac

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