Changes You Will Notice When Moving from Openfire to Office Communication Server

A while back I had written a short article on using OpenFire as a cheap OCS alternative. Today I’ll note some things you may miss when moving from Openfire to OCS:

-Spell checker

-Easy ScreenShot capture & send


-Less emoticons
-Free integration of public facing Chat client (click to chat)

Of course you will gain tons of features:

-Very smooth Desktop sharing

-Easily bump up a call to audio or video conferencing

-Multi-user video

-Great integration to Outlook

And much more…I would say that Openfire served us well for the time we used it. It was never down, it was very easy to implement , very easy to federate to public IM systems and just had a lot of nice features.

If you have any features lost/gained to add to this list, please comment below.

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