VIDEO: AG Projects CEO Talks About Blink "the best SIP client in the world"

WRONG VIDEO, Here is actual link:
Some Highlights:
-AG Project shooting to make "the best sip client in the world".
-It's cross platform: mac, win, linux
-HD video on the definitely on the roadmap and being worked on already
-How about mobile? not this year. too many depencies to make it small.
-HD voice- is there demand? Yes!

Now for my commentary: My opinion is that the Blink SIP client will make waves and is already a product you should be looking at for any SIP implementation that needs a SIP soft client.
Blink would be an Excellent companion for snom ONE (it is also a free & cross platform. IP PBX: Windows, Mac & Linux) except that snom ONE Free is currently being limited to 2 non snom UA's. Too bad...

Read more of my experience with Blink SIP client Here:


  1. If you use Blink on snom ONE, you wouldn't get IM, would you?

  2. Yes, You would need to use the SMS? IM I believe. (only on mac edition at moment--soon coming to pc) I played with it but haven't established in detail how and if any bugs.

    Have you ever been able to get Xlite presence working with pbxnsip/snom ONE?



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