snom Releases Softphone That Can Register as Lync Endpoint?

*** update: snom notes that Lync functionality in the snom m9 softphone is not an official/intended feature and snom recommends using the Communicator/Lync Client ***

I was just brainstorming in a previous post about the possibility that snom could easily release a free, snom Lync compatible softphone in the future...the weird thing is---it's already here.

I was kicking around on the snom forum and was informed that the snom m9 softphone is largely bit for bit the same as the snom m9 hardphone and...a light went on. That means that the free snom m9 softphone is Lync compatible. So I did some quick checking and sure is.

If you want to get a quick overview of what the snom m9 softphone can do, take a look at my post on the m9 hardphone. Most Lync features are the same.

What Lync 2010 Features does the snom m9 Windows softphone have?
-It will set the presence to DND/In Call/Available etc.
-It will allow you to make an audio call over standard SIP codec. (no RTaudio)
-9 1 button speed dials
-DND button that sets Lync presence to DND

How it is different than hardware m9 phone?
-no directory
-non of the rocker buttons work

Why is this important and what senarios will you use this? I'll let you decide. ;-)
Also note that I have not extensively tested the Lync features.

Get the softphone here to check it out:

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