New Release of Free snom Windows Softphone Available

snom has just released a new build of their free Windows softphone. It may be the strangest Windows form factor soft phone ever, but hey it's the snom SIP stack and it works with snom ONE IP PBX! ;-)

Strangeness of form factor on this little m9 softphone aside: In all fairness snom has a very interesting option they could pull out of there back pocket at any moment: the possibility a Lync softphone from someone other than Microsoft? Since snom has gone the route of developing a dual Lync/SIP stack firmware from the ground up instead of going the Lync Phone Edition firmware route (shown below) that Aastra and Polycom have gone, they would seem to have the ability to port this work into a Windows, Linux or Mac softphone?

snom Lync phone firmware/ user interface:

Or perhaps even more interesting an Android form factor, purpose-built touch phone "handset" device? This in one fell swoop would give Grandstream's GXV-3175 (pic below) some competition on the SIP side while also bringing a Microsoft Lync client at the same time. Remember, this is just brainstorming about what snom technically could do---not what they said they will do. And realistically they seem to have their engineering plate pretty full at the moment...I guess I really got off subject here...

To Read more and get the Free snom softphone click below:

To see the free snom softphone online manual:

Please note: The above conjecture is entirely my brainstorm on what snom could possibly do and snom has nothing at all to do with this post. This post is entirely the result of an over imaginative mind. (with perhaps not enough to do today?)

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