snom ONE Phone System Future Discussed: Future Looks Bright!


snom unofficially discusses what the future of their cross-platform (Windows/Linux/Mac) software based phone system could look like on their forum. Each one of these sounds like great ideas to me. Remember that this is not an official or absolute roadmap but what is on the minds of those behind snom ONE.
  • Windows Based Attendant Console: There are several clients for snom ONE currently: WAC, web-based WAC and 3rd party products such as yada, but it looks like snom looks to release an official client with more thorough feature set.
  • Windows Based User Client that includes a SIP softphone: Currently snom has the snom m9 sip phone, the PAC but looks to sure up this area as well. For snom ONE users/partners this means dependence on Camrivox/Estoswould not be as important. 
  • Even more Mobile Phone Functionality: The other thing is that the cell phone support which is good already can be extended by more "cool" (productive) features. For example, it should be possible to transfer calls that have been received on the cell phone to other users on the system. 
  • Firmware upgrades per device: "...Domain / user level PnP support. Say, if you want to just upgrade/downgrade that 1 phone, you can do it, instead of forcing every phone in the system to be upgraded to the new/beta versions..." 
  • SIP Trunk Improvements: Also the trunk SIP header manipulation (RFC3325 etc) must be a lot more flexible. 
  • Support Even More Users Per Server: "...lift the restriction to have everything running on the same core..."
The source of this can be found here:

If you have ideas that you think should go into future versions of snom ONE, make sure your voice is heard by adding your ideas at this unofficial forum:

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