Jabra Speak 510 Portable, Bluetooth Audio Conferencing Device Announced


I’ve been highly impressed by the Jabra Speak 410 (see my video review here) and Jabra just announced a Bluetooth version of this device, the Jabra SPEAK 510.

Some Characteristics:

  • Bluetooth
  • 15 hours of battery time
  • Use the conference device with mobile phone as well
  • Additional Bluetooth and Batter indicator (compared to SPEAK 410)
  • At this time no information on Lync Certified/Optimized status.

I suspect the Jabra Speak 510 will have much of the good of the 410, so read my extensive review/video of the 410 here:

See Jabra Announcement:

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  1. Jabra speak portable 510 bluetooth device is really an exceptional audio conferencing device. It can also be connected with the cell phone which is awesome news.


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