Microsoft Lync Mobile 2013 Voice & Video Over IP “Here” By Feb 19, 2012


NOTE: Learn about Lync Server 2013 Mobility service and deployment on Jan 17, 2013 11-12AM EST here:

Microsoft Lync Conference 2013 - Windows Internet Explorer_2013-01-08_18-44-24

Jamie Stark, program manager on Microsoft, notes that “you’ll be able to checkout” Lync Mobile 2013 Voice and Video over IP on 3G, 4G and WIFI by Lync Conf 2013 (Feb 19, 2013)

A couple things he noted:

  • Lync 2013 Mobile is in BETA right now
  • Calling, Video over IP will be included in this Lync mobile wave 2 client
  • Available on the below platforms
    • iphones
    • ipad
    • Android
    • Windowsphone 8
  • Lync Mobile 2013 will require a server side component to stream AV (Source)
  • Jamie did qualify that “timing may shift depending on platform” (source)

He also notes its “really really good…” (okay, we knew that. Smile

Listen to Jamie below, or click Here to play JUST the mobile details:

This enhancement to the Lync 2013 Mobile clients in Microsoft Lync is important for Microsoft as the Gartner 2012 UC Magic Quadrant was weighted heavily in favor of mobility hurting Microsoft’s UC score and letting Cisco slip ahead in the UC Magic Quadrant. This move by Microsoft means that Lync Mobile will have the feature parity plus considerably simpler mobile client strategy at the same time.

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    Why wait only to have less features...?

    1. Hi Mark,
      Interesting...the swipe looks cool

      -I don't see any Voice over IP over 3g/4G listed on the brochure? (everything say VoWLAN)
      -also it appears like there are 2 mobile clients: 1 for collab (openscape web collab mobile) and 1 for voice (openscape mobile v7), is that correct?
      -how much backend/server infrastructure is required to implement mobile? is seperate server infrastructure required for video/collab and Voice/uc?

      It seems cool mobile solutions often end up having far too complicated clients (more than 1 client) and server infrastucture as a gotcha so am interested in hearing.


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