How to Use snom UC Edition Address Book Search With Microsoft Lync


The address book search works quite slick on snom 7xx (and others). For the snom 720 and 760 there is a dedicated search button you can just press.

If you are on a snom 710 you will need to login to the web UI and set one of the 4 soft buttons to be a “ABS” (address book search) button. (shown below)


Now just press the Directory/ABS button and type in the name you want to lookup JUST like on a Lync Phone Edition device, wait a moment and the users that match will be displayed along with the presence for the users.


Video below on how it works:



the 720/760 is the Directory/ABS button

LPE requires no button press,

Directory (ABS), 627 (MAR)

But now lets look at how snom UC Edition goes beyond LPE

directory, now you can use number OR letters (to be more specific)

you can search users OR Distribution Groups (not Lync created groups)

at the end talk about 710 button define in WUI.

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