Ubiquiti Unifi Now Supports Zero-Handoff Roaming: Extremely Affordable Voice Wifi Network?


We have been using Ubiquiti Networks very affordable Unifi access points to bring WIFI to blanket large areas. Unifi firmware version 3.02 BETA has been released which now brings zero-handoff roaming (roaming for real-time/VoIP) to these very low priced access points. Below we will give a quick run through of our initial experience with this new firmware and feature.

How To Setup

First update your Unifi to firmware version 3.02. (you will need to sign up as a Beta user).  Next setup a new WLAN Group by navigating Settings > Wireless Networks >


Next add a new WLAN Group by click the “+”. Now give a name and Enabled Zero-handoff to make your roaming WLAN Group.


Finally just add the access points you want to participate in this roaming group to this WLAN Group and you should be good to go.

NOTE: Zero-handoff participating access point need to have WPApsk security enabled.

What Our Simple Tests Indicate

NOTE: Please note that Unifi is NOT Microsoft Lync certified wifi access point.

For our first test we used a Nexus 4 Android phone running Lync 2013 Mobile connected to Lync Server 2013. We initiated a VoIP call to a mobile phone and then walked from 1 access point to another while a system administrator ensured that a handoff from one access point to another occurred using the Unfi admin panel. There was no apparent audio dropout or distortion that we could notice.

We also configured the Spectralink 8440 wifi portable phone to connect to a standard SIP based PBX. Once again the audio did not seem to cut out during a call. We did notice that if roaming occurred when the Spectralink was on the fringe of both access points there was some audio distortion.

(these  simple tests did not test loading the access points, just 1 simple call)


This was a very basic test. But I think it is very interesting to see Unifi get zero-handoff roaming capability that at first look appears like it could eventually work with VoIP equipment.


  1. We've had really good luck with the Unifi stuff and are looking forward to this feature making it out of beta so we can start testing it at actual client sites. Unifi also has a whole new line of WAPs coming out soon, likely 802.11ac.

    1. @Aaron thanks for your comments. if you have any more experience on the zero hand off we'd be glad to hear it.

  2. When do you expect 3.02 to be out of beta?


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