#Lync User QuickTip #27: Pickup With USB Headset From PC or Lync Phone Edition Handset With Better Together

So you have a Lync Phone Edition device with Better Together USB tether. You want to answer on the deskphone when you pickup the handset and from your USB/Bluetooth headset when you click on Accept” from Lync client. How do you do this?

  1. Plug in your Lync Phone Edition
  2. Now just select your USB/Bluetooth headset as “Primary Device”

Now calls dialed/answered from PC will use USB headset and calls dialed/answered from phone will use desk phone.



  1. Well thats simple.. Why i didn't think of that who knows. The only downside to this is all click to dial calls from the computer go to your headset first... there isn't any way to tell new calls you start to go to the phone with this option configured, right?

  2. Matt, have you noticed when you do this the desk phone no longer rings on incoming calls but it beeps like a call waiting beep. The only ringer is thru the headset.

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