First Impression Review of Polycom VVX Color Expansion Module


Below are my observations on the Polycom VVX Color Expansion module and Microsoft Lync.

Here is a photo slideshow of the device: (or click here)

Pro’s & Cons List


  • a lot of buttons in a compact unit
  • very easily add button by adding Lync Contacts to Favorites using the Lync Client
  • hardware fit and finish is superb
  • Physical and configuration Setup is extremely simple


  • no control over contact to button mapping/placement
  • button labels on VVX phone screen overwritten by Transfer screen



The VVX Color Expansion is very well done hardware. The 28 x 3 is a lot of buttons in a compact unit. The one thing some attendants may struggle with is the current rigid placing of contacts (alphabetical order only) and the contact labels on the VVX phone screen getting hidden by “transfer screen”.  Overall a very nice piece of hardware and I expect this device to be a hit.


  1. Hey Matt, actually you can manually map contacts to specific positions using the lineKey parameter - refer to page 36 here


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