Video of What’s New in Windows 8.1 April 2014 Update


Below is my very quick update on what’s new in the next (April 2014) Windows 8.1 Update:

Microsoft continues to improve Metro/Modern vs desktop experience

  • Metro apps have a title bar, with close/minimize buttons and the ability to “Split left/right” when you right-click it.
  • You can keep taskbar visible while using modern apps
  • Control Panel item in metro PC Settings
    200% and 250% DPI scaling modes added to control panel (in 8.1 RTM, to get these values you have to go “custom”), 250% is the default on screens with more than 1800 vertical lines
  • Shutdown button on the start screen*, doesn’t show on less than 8″ tablets to prevent accidental shutdown
  • Search button on the start screen*
  • Instead of metro bars (top and bottom) a context menu appears when you right-click an app on the start screen*
  • Pinning metro apps to desktop taskbar*
    Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode

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