First Sighting: snom 7EM 7xx Series Expansion Module

snom showed the snom 7EM for the first time at CEBIT 2014.

Photo posted by snom click here. In this picture we can see “Tile View” and USB connector plugged into the side of the snom 715.


Better Photo via


Another Photo by

“The modules extensions for snom 715, 720 and 760 presented at Cebit. Up to 3 modules positions, USB connection”

Shows that buttons can be assigned any of snom’s functions (contact search, contact list, etc), USB connection and backlit LCD.


Details from twitter photos and snom blogs:

  • has a range of buttons (“…large number of self-labeling keys…” click here)
  • 18 buttons, (9 per side) photo above  (compared to older snom Vision’s 8 buttons on a side plus 2 buttons buttons at the bottom)
  • automatic button labeling
  • Tile or Line View shows Contact Name full width or 2 Line format click here
  • displays contacts & call status
  • USB connection to snom phones 715,720 & 760.
  • I think it can be presumed the tilt can match snom 7xx devices
  • Up to 3 7EM’s can be “daisy chained” with USB click here
  • will work with the $139USD MSRP snom 715 (see recent review), 720, and 760
  • No ETA given



Considering this unit works with the new snom 715 (not Lync Qualified as of this posting), this will likely be the lowest cost “console” setup available for Lync at this time.

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