snomONE Client

snom ONE Windows client is an unofficial client (not to be confused with the coming snom client) written by community to enhance snomONE by providing easier access to snom ONE features via your PC. All support is via comments below, on a "as available basis" and product is still in BETA so don't install this at a live site and be aware of it's limitations (below). By using it you accept all responsibility for it.

Basic client v1.00
Dial a number v1.00
Add/Edit Contacts v1.00
Save contacts in XML file v1.00
Access to features/star codes via right click menu v1.00

v1.01 - Dial from Tray
v1.01 - Run app in SysTray mode only
v1.01 - Option to start snom Client in systray mode for those primarily using/Office365
v1.01 - Help system implemented
v1.01 - Initiate Email from contact list
v1.01 - Brandable features allows Hosting providers to have branded product (paid edition)
v1.01 - Tooltip when you hover over a contact name in contact list
v1.01 - Bug Fix: Edit/Delete contact on empty list fixed.
v1.01 - Alpha phrase to phone number converter (800555TELL becomes 8005558355)
v1.01 - Cleanup phone numbers: removes -,/,.,spaces, etc. (useful when copying)
v1.01 - changing DND status on phone or pbx will change it on the client
v1.01 - Bug Fix: Now client can turn DND on and off (now using pbx level CSTA)
v1.01 - Contact list show DND status
v1.01 - Message Waiting Indicator on client
v1.01 - Ability to have Lync client set snom client/deskphone status (Office365 integration)
v1.01 - Replumb makecall to use CSTA

Retreive Voicemail via menu
Contact list show BLF based on snomONE CSTA
Incoming Call Pop based on CSTA
Instant Message based on snomONE CSTA
Desktop Sharing

-----Release Log-----

snomONE Windows Client v1.00 BETA - 06/08/2011 - Download Here

  • Dial a number
  • Manually add contacts list (this can be an internal extension or external number)
  • Automatically saves contact list as an XML file
  • Call, Call VM, Intercom, Call Mobile, Listen In, Whisper In, Barge In via right click menu
  • Set DND on
  • Retrieve VM
Known Issues
  • No ability to hang up a call, just dial a call
  • No ability to turn DND off (limitation/bug? of snomONE star key implementation at moment)
  • No presence; lights will always be green
  • REMEMBER: this is BETA. Do not use in live environment. Be prepared for things to not work.
Install instructions: #1-unzip the files and place them into a folder. #2-click on snomONE Communicator. #3-Goto file | Setup and type in your user login credentials for the extension you want to control. Note that "Server" is merely the IP address or domain name LESS http or any slashes.


  1. fantastic 1.0 !
    this will very much help

  2. DB,
    thanks for that nice feedback.

  3. DB,
    I should add that we haven't even started yet...

  4. @Steve-thanks. we continue to work.

  5. Wow. This is truly amazing, have just come across this through a video on youtube.

    I do realise that this client is for the snom ONE, however, can it be used with any PBX?

    This looks like an excellent product.

    Would be good to find out,

    Thank you,


  6. Hi - looks like a great tool, but doesn't work for me, I think because we use complex passwords (e.g. including $, >, ", etc).

    Instead of putting the auth= in the URL, could you send the credentials in code like this:

    client.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(pbx_user, pbx_pw);

    This gets around the problem (at least on our system).


  7. @Andyc great point, this code is a bit dated and i know snom has made a few changes around CSTA in snom ONE. We need to circle around to it again...

  8. Hi there, this is very nice and is useful for the speed dialing and "paste a number in the box and dial" function alone.

    Can I ask: What technology/protocol is it based on? It seems great not to have to install TAPI drivers etc - is there anything else out there (paid for, linuxish etc) that does a similar job?

    We would certainly welcome this as a paid product. Google and Salesforce contact integration would be something we would like.

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