Blizzard Snowstorm Closes Our Offices & Much of USA East Coast

We are snowed in! Our office is closed today, the first time in 12 years! (If I remember correctly) We had about 16" of snow last Friday/Saturday. Today we recieved another approx. 15" and the snow is still flying! We are also having high winds and there have been several building collapses due to snow weight on roofs. I take satisfaction in being impervious to the weather but this one stopped us! ;-)

Thanks to Small Business Server Remote Web Workplace, Outlook Web Access, pbxnsip IP Phone System and Microsoft Office Communication I was able to connect to my work computer to work as usual, check email, take and make work calls and even have a video call!

Landis Computer is closed Feb 10, 2010. As usual urgent service requests should be telephoned in to our normal phone number and press option for emergency.

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