FREE Simple Failover Solution for Windows & Your Windows Based PBX

I've written a windows VBScript that will make a simple failover solution for Windows and Windows based PBX's.

Basically you have 2 servers running pbxnsip with the configuration you want. When the live server goes down the backup server will take on the IP address of the live server.

On the failover server you schedule the attached vbscript to run every minute:
c:\heartbeat <live_server_ip> <live_server_mask> <live_server_gateway>


Everytime the script runs and the live server is up a windows event log will be written of success.
The instant the live server fails, the failover process will role into action:
#1-windows event log of failure will be written
#2-IP address change will be done and event log written.

Roadmap Features:
-copy data from live server to failover on ongoing basis
-automatically start the pbxnsip service

Current Requirements:
-pbxnsip running on a second server with the configuration in place
-a pbxnsip license key with MAC address of master and backup server

Warning! This is beta, sloppy code (hey, i did it in 1.5hr) and not tested very much yet so use at your own risk. So test on a test senario and give me feedback by commenting below. THANKS for your feedback.

The vbscript download is available here:


  1. I would rather trust proven unix-based solutions, like PortaSwitch
    It has Master, Slave and optional Stand-by server.

  2. I agree with you that it would be great to have this functionality built into the system. 100%. Listen up Windows pbx vendors.

    snom has brought a very interesting feature their phones have to my attention: snom phones have a failover server option so if they can't reach the first server they goto the next one. In my opinion this is quite powerful and another strong argument for snom. Some gateways have the abililty to be that 2nd failover server! (audiocodes i believe).

    Thanks for you thots.


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