pbxnsip Windows Phone System Integrates With Yet Another Microsoft Product

Pbxnsip is a Windows based Phone System that integrates to Microsoft Office Communication Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Outlook (directly if no Exchange) and now Microsoft SQL Server. Just this morning I’ve learned that a pbxnsip partner has made a simple to install tool to seamlessly send pbxnsip Call Reporting details to Microsoft SQL Server in real-time. I haven’t had a chance to test this integration tool, but if it works as advertised and is as easy to install as it appears—pbxnsip has a very valuable addition to it’s Microsoft integration line up!

With pbxnsip integrating to the 3 most popular Microsoft server tools I would say that pbxnsip is in a small class of Windows Phone Systems that can truly claim enterprise level integration to the “Microsoft stack”.


  1. Hi Matt :) what comes out of MS-SQL-Reporting-Server Reporting when used with this MS-SQL-Stored Data?

    Sounds like you might be able to create trend-analyze, peak-usage-reports, and many more usefull stuff..., up to pie charts and gantt diagrams, excel exports, etc..



  2. Exactly Jan.

    We are SQL Reporting Services fanatics at our office and the possibilies are endless. We also have a Dynamics Business Management software tendency so KPI (key performance indicators) fascinate us! ;-)

    For example we could have the amount of new service requests (in dynamics GP) and the number of inbound calls to our service request desk--ON the very same screen! (same SQL Reporting screen) So now you can bring together business software and communication software numbers in a meaningful way.

    Also, sql reporting services does an excellent job at drill downs. So you start with a chart and keep drilling into what makes it up.

    I didn't get a change to actually use Regis' tool but if it works it will unlock very powerful abilities.

    ps- i'm not 100% on the micrsoft licesning but just sending it to SQL express could be free. There may be a cost to have an actuall sql reporting services server--note 100% there.

  3. My colleague tells my SQL express and SQL Reporting Services (less some advanced features) is entirely free. WOW.



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