Is snom Planning a Video Phone?

I've been playing with the snom 870 IP
phone and it's quite a phone. OCS enabled, touch screen, GB network
connectivity, WIFI enabled and I'm sure I've missed something. (and,
yes, a video review will be forthcoming ;-) But several items on the
phone lead me to believe this phone may sometime be video enabled.
First, it has a great color screen for the job. #2 it can be mounted in
an almost upright position that would position it great for a video
camera mounted on the top of the unit. Lastly, take a look at the
included photo: a look at the area where the WIFI dongle currently plugs
in looks as if it was designed to mount something much more substantial
than a tiny WIFI unit!

This is all just my speculation...;-)

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  1. Hi Matt, have you seen my old post here?

    A hint: I already saw a 30 fps HighRes Live Video Stream (on 820) coming from a IP-Cam showing the "street action" in front of snom HQ. Was stunning experience! Just a proof of concept FW experiment, that mounted Mplayer in our phone (

    But please don't expect anything in the near future! The 8xx platform itself can virtually do everything :)

    It seems, even ordering your coffee



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