Game Changer Small Business Hybrid Cloud Server Includes IP PBX Appliance!

Harry Brelsford over at SMBNation talks about a new kind of SMB server coming from Intel...
The Intel Hybrid Cloud Catalog, a list of pre-configured virtual appliances, including Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 and 2008...Other pre-installed appliances include firewall, backup, disaster recovery, and IP PBX.
I find it interesting that a phone system is being "bundled" with a small business IT showing how far IP communications it becoming another application in IT.

Who is providing the IP PBX? Fonality?

If you know the pbx vendor I'd like your feedback.

Read about the Intel Server:
Harry's Article

Intels Website:


  1. IP PBX system has revolutionized the way business communicate around the globe. This upgraded system possesses the complete phone features that support mobility or internet services.

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