Windows Phone System pbxnsip Now Integrates with Exchange, OCS & SQL: Partner Introduces CDR to Microsoft SQL

I've said it before on this blog: a Windows communication solution should integrate well with the Microsoft stack of solutions: Exchange, SQL & Office Communication Server (aka Communication Server). A pbxnsip partner has added MS SQL integration so that  now integrates pbxnsip with Microsoft's big three server products. That is an accomplishment.

Why is Microsoft SQL integration so important to a Windows communication solution?

#1 Windows experts implementing Windows communication soltution are very likely to already be familiar with MS SQL to a lesser or greater degree. We, for example, are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and already find ourselves needing MS SQL proficiency for other products like Dynamics and customer line of business applications so we have Microsoft SQL certified individuals on staff.

#2 reason is that Microsoft SQL Express is free! That is right. Many people have this mistaken idea that a solution based on MS SQL will be expensive and require licensing. For most small business SQL Express will be a fine solution. If you have high demand and requirements full SQL is waiting in the wings.

#3 reason is that Microsoft SQL includes an incredible, free report designer and engine that is just--phenomenal. Create meaniful charts, simple drill-downs and have them viewable using a browser.

Some people may not want to worry about the rest of the Microsoft "stack". Don't worry-- pbxnsip will run just fine by itself. In fact it will run just fine and consume minimum resources on your physical or virtual server: a 15 user systems can run on 50MB of RAM!

The pbxnsip to Microsoft SQL option can be had for approx. $200/yr USD. Talk to Top Systems at:

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