Some Windows Phone System Releases & Announcements This Week of June 19, 2010

3CX announce RC2 of version 9 of their Windows based phone system. They keep adding features at an absolutely dizzing pace. You can read more:

Just in case you missed it, 3CX also aquired an Android based SIP client. The resident Android fan boy here at Landis Computer (not me ;-) did a quick test of the client but said that while it really looks nice he wasn't able to get it to register so he used another Android SIP client. We plan to do a video review of the 3CX Android client as soon as a little time affords. Read More Here.
Blink, the "best SIP client in the world", announced a new Mac release. Read more here:

 Blink for Windows and Linux has been postponed, according to website. From my experience AG Projects puts out very quality software. I'm looking forward to Blink for Windows and I expect it to be similar quality once it gets here.

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