2 Windows Phone Systems Contend To Replace Response Point: 3CX and pbxnsip

The results from the survey are in and you have spoken. Who is the best positioned successor to Microsoft Response Point? 3CX came in first place! pbxnsip had a very strong showing and came in second. During the survey pbxnsip was leading the way for some time and (I'll admit) I was a bit surprised to see that.

This is a somewhat interesting competition here since I've co-written a book on 3CX and am a Certified pbxnsip Partner & recommend pbxnsip!

I have to agree that 3CX is probably the closest Windows phone system to compare to Response Point in various ways: Ease of use is paramount, a very Windows-like interface,  and the industry's best support for automated PSTN/PRI gateway setup. 3CX is targeted at do-it-yourself and generalist IT market. On the cons side it has a smaller feature set, few system monitoring options and due to its rapid developement our experience has been it has little day to day "bug-a-boo" issues. 3CX has a large community and market awareness around it.

pbxnsip is a bit more mature, has a more generic web interface that is nice but not distinctly Windows (pbxnsip runs on Windows, Linux, Mac & plugcomputer). Finally stability, security, scalability and feature set have been given more attention than ease of use with pbxnsip. pbxnsip has a smaller but more mature & savvy VOIP reseller base that includes a fair amount of partners providing hosted phone systems to their clients.

OCS and Cisco also got quite a few votes. Don't forget that Microsoft appears to be positioning OCS Hosted as a replacement for RP. I believe with CS "14" they might be able to pull it off. Check my article on hosted OCS here.

Thanks for contibuting to this survey!

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