Cisco UC320: Nifty Little Phone System--But What About It is Unified Communication?

I've been reading and looking at the Cisco UC320 phone system. It looks like an interesting, very low cost phone system for small businesses. (limited to 24 extensions) It even looks like it could be a possible replacement for small VARS that were doing (the now defunct) Microsoft Response Point.

The question I have is: What about the Cisco UC320 is "Unified Communication"?
Does it do video? Instant Message? Surely just voicemail to email does not bestow the "UC" desgination?

I'd love to hear your input in the comments below.

PS-I noticed in the forums someone said this 3rd party add on works with it:


  1. My two cents?

    It's a "unified communications" solution because it's not just a phone system. It's an appliance that combines a router, a wireless access point and a phone system into a single box.

  2. ah good point. that is probably what cisco marketing is thinking.

    I guess I think of UC as more than one modality. So a firewall + phone system is UC? hmmm, that seems to make any system UC and dillute meaning.

    thanks! for your feedback


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