User Photos: snom "Social" Element on Phones & PBX

Just playing with snom user photos. It appears that user photo feature works with 370, 821 and 870.  All users regardless of phone handset can have a picture attached to extension so when they call one of these extensions a photo of the user will show.

The photo is also display when a user logs into their own user portal. In coming releases of 4.2 the user picture can also be displayed in the admin extension list as well. I understand this is a configurable item to display in the extension list.

snom notes that for pictures to display on snom 370 (greyscale) take the below precautions:
For snom 370, make sure the color depth of the picture is 5-bit (i.e. 32 colors; preferably grey scale for better results and less loss of detail), otherwise it will not work. I attached a test picture that should work.

Below is a link to a sample photo that works well (displayed above):

PS-Note: Mr. Koala works out of our conference room and does a great job. If his picture wouldn't show up you'd never know who's working for you! ;-)

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