Who Will Be the Next Vendor to Bring a DECT Lync Phone to Market?

snom has released their m9 DECT unit a little while ago and it continues to mature. This unit is not officially Lync certified yet (I would guess snom wants to see it on this list) but it does register to Lync and work. (my review of m9 Lync features)  This unit is unusual even for snom in that it is the first snom device to ship with a Lync interoperable firmware installed from factory.

It looks like Polycom KIRK is working on something to act as a Lync endpoint as well. I can't quite determine if it is going to be native Lync or need some gateway in between? Polycom's Jim Kander says the KIRK units are linked up to  "Microsoft Integration OCS" in the video below. What exactly does that mean?

According to comments here the polycom units may show up in the not to distant future.

Here is a link I found saying Polycom will be Lync compliant:
(but still no Polycom or Microsoft links?)

Did I hear some more vendors may join the DECT/Lync fray?
If you have any input I'd like to hear about it.

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