Moving Soft-PBX From Atom Appliance to Proliant ML350 Hyper-V VM:

Yesterday we had an HP Atom based PBX appliance develope hardware problems. (hardrive or controller) Our pre planned disaster recovery plan was to restore a nightly Windows Image backup of the Windows7 appliance into a Hyper-V VM on an HP Proliant ML350 server.

The restore went without a hitch! (After realizing that the target VM needs to be bigger than the source image backup--my fault entirely) It took roughly 1.5hours to restore a 160GB Windows7 image into a Hyper-V VM. And the virtual machine booted and the restored Windows OS ran perfectly. In fact the snom ONE Blue Windows based PBX came up fully activated and ready to roll. This makes using snom ONE in a senario where you need a hot spare a very nice solution.

One thing that was unexpected was the fact that snom ONE pbx runs MUCH FASTER as a Hyper-V Virtual OS than on dedicated Atom hardware. It was immediately noticable on the web interface of snom ONE. In fact I'm starting to wonder: If Hyper-V is already in place, is there a need for a dedicated appliance?

As always, I'd like to hear your input.


  1. you dont get much latency?

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  3. hi DB,
    everything sounds great but didn't test in detail.

  4. Hi Matt,

    just a hint about Hyper-V differences (2008 RTM and R2) - please have a look at the great video interview with Peter Schmatz about Virtualization and Lync Server 2010

    Sounds to me like 2008 R2 Hyper-V is best choice for Realtime / Media application virtualization, independent if it is Lync 2010 Server or e.g. snom ONE.

    I recommend, dont forget to add SP1 to 2008 R2 Servers as it adds beside others Dynamic Memory to Hyper-V.

    Have a great weekend and greetings from Berlin,

  5. Hi Jan, good to hear from you again. Hope your doing well.

    Yes, I agree about hyper-v r2 sp1. that is actually what we are running. Are you thinking hyper-v r2 sp1 over vmware? or just hyper-v r2/sp1 over older hyper-v?

    Also Jan, anything you want to say about Lync developements? I'm excited about windowsphone7 lync client. I'm really ready for it! ;-)

  6. I run snom/asterisk in proxmox :)
    or dedicated blades

  7. DB:
    -Why proxmox? (remember i live in the win world ;-))
    -I'm curious what blade model you use? and how you like that.


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