First Impression Review Audiocodes 420HD Lync & SIP Desk Phone


Below is my video review.

Audiocodes HD 420HD


Side view


Screen 144x48 pixels


Wallmount vs Desk configuration


Wall mount


Headset, power, PC and Network Ethernet switch


What’s in the box


WebGui looks very similar to Audiocodes gateways and is very accessible.


Codec Support from 420HD web interface shown below. (NOTE: Audiocodes FW release notes indicate Audiocodes has plans to add RTA (Real Time Audio) codec support sometime after Lync certification process complete.



Notes: Audiocodes notes they are in the process of obtaining Lync Qualified status for Audiocodes 420HD but at the moment it is not certified   the 420HD has become Lync Qualified on Sept ember 2013. (click here) Since this is a new Lync device (review done using FW  some features are currently not implemented that will be on final product.


  • Overall good design for common area or entry level voice centric IP phone
  • Nice, large, quality feeling, rubberized buttons
  • I like the “Silent” button on incoming call
  • Each number button can be easily assigned a speed dial via a nice phone user interface
  • Everything you need to wall mount is included in the box


  • No button dedicated to hangup / pickup functionality (depends on context, soft button)
  • No dedicated configurable buttons (often called BLF buttons and lit)
    • NOTE: does support assigning Speeddials to numeric keys
  • Lync functionality is, at the moment, new so has some Lync features not implemented
    • Call Park
    • Lync Contact List
    • Safe transfer

The Audiocodes 420HD seems to me to be a well designed common area and entry level desk phone that can register to Lync and SIP servers. (At the moment the 420HD is not Lync certified) It appears to me that Audiocodes 4xxHD series is designed to be well tuned to the needs of the “PBX experience user”. I think it is good to see Audiocodes planning to join snom and Polycom in the Lync Qualified devices market.


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