Q&A Microsoft Lync 2013 Video and H.264 UVC 1.5 Encoding Offloading Webcams

Note: this post started as my own notes about uvc1.5 and is still in progress.


Q. Why is a WebCam with H.264 UVC 1.5 Encoders significant?
A. H.264 UVC 1.5 allows your webcam to offload video encoding of your PC’s CPU. The very real benefit to the user is that while doing HD video your PC CPU could be (as an example) running at 15% CPU instead of say 25% or some scenarios 70% without UVC 1.5 and 20% with it.

Q. What Lync Optimized UVC 1.5 Webcams are currently available?
A. Currently the Logitech c930e. Review Here.

Q. I cannot seem to achieve 1920x1080 even though I think I have all the requirements, what more to check?
A. While this is not noted on the Technet Lync Client Video Requirements page it appears the Lync has a requirement that your monitor video resolution must be 1920x1200 on both sides. This makes some sense because why produce 1920x1080 if your monitor cannot display it? (counting some border)

Q. Can I now buy a low powered tablet (Atom/Duo/etc), plug in a UVC 1.5 WebCam and have a HD Video capable device?
A. From my testing with the Logitech c930e (only UVC 1.5 device I have at the moment) it appears to me that a UVC 1.5 device does not increase the video resolution or fps capability of a PC, it merely offloads the encoding of what the PC is capable off. (I will admit there is some grey area here, but this is what it seems like to me) Remember that a PC must encode and decode video and UVC 1.5 device only helps with the encoding (sending stream) part of the video.

Q. Give me an idea of what kind of PC I will need to achieve 1920x1080x30fps with a UVC 1.5 enabled devices?
A. 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 with latest video and 1920x1200 display resolution.

Q. Will I be able utilize UVC 1.5 encoding on Windows7? (or older)
A. No, UVC 1.5 CPU offloading encoding will only work on Windows8 and newer. The camera will work fine on Windows 7, but you will not be able to use encoding offloading.

Q. Are there any detailed Lync AVC/SVC UVC 1.5 documents?
A. Yes, take a look at this pdf titled “Microsoft Lync UC Specification for H264 AVC & SVC UCConfig Modes v1.1: Click Here
Jeff Schertz’ excellent blog


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